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Gas sensors BGS-04

gázérzékelő 4 féle gázhozThe BGS-04 type devices are used to detect different gases and vapours. By using them, fast and accurate values are available.
The sensor heads used in the device have a unified interface and similar electronic parameters, so simply changing the gas-sensor heads can fulfil different requirements.
Two types can be distinguished by considering operation:

  • By electronabsorbtive and
  • by amperometric principle.

The electronabsorbtive sensors have a wide range of measure, a minimal need of maintenance and a low price, their precision is typically 5-10 %. The amperometric heads have a narrower measuring range and a higher price, their average duration is 12-24 months, but their precision is typically 0.1 %. The electronabsorbtive sensors have a resistant output, and the amperometric sensors have current output, as follows:

R ~ k*R*T*ln(c)
I ~ k*R*T*ln(c)

A maximal four gas-sensor head can be placed into each BGS-04 type device; their signals (resistant or current output) are amplified, normalised and digitalised by the BGS-04 sensor. As a fifth channel, every BGS-04 device measures it's head's temperature, so temperature-independent, accurate measures can be performed.

Detectable Gases and Concentrations
Electronabsorbtive patrons: Amperometric patrons:
Natural gas 10000 ppm Hydrogene-sulfide 50/100 ppm
Methane, propane, butane 10000 ppm Carbon-monoxide 300 ppm
Hydrogen 10000 ppm Hydrogen 2000 ppm
Carbon-monoxide 1000 ppm Chlorine 5/50 ppm
Ammonia 300 ppm Sulphur-dioxide 100 ppm
Hydrogen-sulphide 100 ppm AsH3 0,5/1 ppm
Alcohol, toluol,xilol 5000 ppm SiH4 50 ppm
CFC R21, R22,R113,R134A 3000 ppm Hydrochloric acid 30 ppm
Air Contaminants   HF 10 ppm
    Fluore 10 ppm
    HCN 30 ppm
    Phosgene 1 ppm
    Ammonia 100/1000 ppm
    Nitrogen-monoxide 500/4000 ppm
    Nitrogen-dioxide 50ppm
    Hydrazine 1ppm
    Ozone 1ppm