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Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge BES-01

csapadékmennyiség mérőThe BES-06 type device is used to deter­mine the fallen (solid or liquid) precipita­tion. The precipitation sensor collects the precipitation on a standard 200-cm2 surface, which is measured by a tipper spoon mechanism placed inside the collector by 2 ml-units. Every tip of the totally symmetric tipper spoon is signed by Reed-contacts operated by permanent magnets; the generated electronic impulses are accumulated by the data collector. The tipper spoon is metal with activated surface, so precision-decay because of algae settling is exterminable. During winter, measuring solid precipitation is realized by thawing it with the integrated heating. The heat is separated to two parts: the precipitation thaws in the collector surface's funnel, and by heating the tipper spoon’s mechanic, it prevents the collected precipitation from refreezing.

Technical Data
Measuring Range 0,1 - [UNLIMITED] mm
Resolution 0,1 mm
Accuracy 0,1 mm

Output Ratings

30V 0,1A max
Output Direct contact
Power Supply nincs
Heating 16V 1A max.